Stop procrastinating.

I have a super important Q for you: 



What are you waiting for to go get what you want? 

To create the project you've been dreaming of? 

To have the life you deserve? 

To have the relationships and connections you crave?


More money?


More time? The right time? 


A sign? ✨


Why are you REALLY waiting? 


You may not want to admit this, but it’s fear. 


You’re afraid of what “might” happen. 

You’re afraid of it going wrong, or failing...

but most of all, believe it or not, you’re afraid of it actually HAPPENING 🌟 and being a HUGE SUCCESS 🥂🥂🥂


We're most afraid of our LIGHT, our SUCCESS, our VISIBILITY in the world.


When we’re afraid of moving forward, of taking action, failing, being successful, awareness of this is the biggest and first step. 


Get aware that you’re afraid, that you’re procrastinating, that you’re holding back... bring your avoidance into the world! 


Stop hiding and get real with yourself. 


This will start the process of accepting where you’re at, and you’ll be able to move forward


What do you want? How can you begin to take action on what you want? What’s the first next step? 


Stop WAITING and start LIVING my love.

It's time.



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Jody Shield