Surrender to your path

How are you? It's been more than a month of radio silence. I know, I'm sad too….!

But now I'm BACK! I've only gone and done it. The book is complete. It's finished. OMG I've completed something. Do you know how satisfying this feels? This is from the girl who never finished anything in school, and then left a trail of half-finished projects behind her in each job!

And now I've finished a whole, entire book!!

As well as being hugely excited about this, I have to also acknowledge and honour the journey I've just been on.

Crossing the final finish-line was a full-time job. The “editing” called me to quietly close myself down, and swear allegiance to the process, knowing once again it would consume all of me, push all of my buttons, pull out my hair (!) and bring up all my resistance (fear) about completing the book.

I had to S U R R E N D E R, there was no other way through this. I couldn't fight the process, the book had to be finished and be out in the world, so I showed-up, gave in, and prepared to work alongside the resistance yet again.

And I had to let go of the things I love too. No time for blogs, being social, lie-ins, reading novels, Netflix.....nada. Full on grind. Full on process.

And I stopped emailing you, I had to. And it was hard, something I've never done. I worried I'd miss out. Would you still remember me? Would you miss me?!

No choice but to let go.......

Can you relate? Letting go is tough right?

What are you trying to let go of right now? Fear of not being liked? A relationship? An old job? A tired friendship? An old pair of shoes?

We do not like letting go. We stay attached.

Until we're made to let go...

And so I sprained my ankle, and I had to slow down, let go of other things and focus on writing. It stopped me in my tracks….literally. What do you need to let go of? What do you need to surrender?

My advice? Do it. Let it go. Give it up. You’ll only be made to otherwise.

Peace and love xxx