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*1st* LifeTonic Weekender @ COMO by Metropolitan hotel

Massive success at our first ever LifeTonic Weekender event (Sept 10th + 11th) and we sold out! We had press reviews in Harper’s Bazaar, Sheerluxe, Hip & Healthy and it’s currently being reviewed by Women’s Health Magazine, Psychologies and ES Magazine. Beginning of Day 1 with our luxury goody bags filled with beauty brands, artisan

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What to do when your best isn't enough

  You are doing the best you can. You are always doing the best you can. And yet why doesn’t your best feel like it’s enough? Sometimes no matter how hard we try, in our own eyes we aren’t trying hard enough. We have a little voice inside our mind who is constantly telling us

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Release your baggage

5 years ago, I was carrying around a lot of ‘baggage’. I felt heavy in my body (my mind and my heart), emotionally awkward, and I was anxious quite a lot of the time. I’d just started a new relationship and I was petrified of screwing it up. I was lost. And stuck.  Of course,

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