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Feel more relaxed with your finances + earn more

How do you feel when you log-on to your online banking? Nervous? Worried? Fearful? Or do you avoid looking at it altogether? Me too! I was not the best when it came to taking responsibility for managing my finances. Yuk! Boring! And such a waste of time! Avoidance was the best tactic, I didn’t want

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Stop spending 30% of your life worrying about money...

What if I told you that according to The Guardian, we spend 30% of our lives worrying about money. Whaaaattt???? Now let’s put that shizz into perspective. Check out the other areas we spend time worrying about: 16% worrying about family 16% worrying about health 9% worrying about work pressures 8% worrying about time pressures

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How to be more wealthy in life

Last week, my girlfriends and I got onto the “juicy” topic of finances. I imagine that juicy isn’t a word you’d naturally use when talking about money? But I’ve found that reframing the way you talk about something (especially when it’s an emotional topic) does help you feel happier and clearer, faster. I’m proud to

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