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How to create more space in your life

Open iCal on your phone. What does it look like? Overflowing with back to back meetings, work, and social events? I thought so. Can you remember the last time you slept in and felt like you had the day all to yourself? If you do, did you immediately start tidying, or checking your Instagram account

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My truth about Facebook (and why I love instagram)

I have a big problem with Facebook and I want to be honest about it. It seems silly to even write about this, but I know I have to. Each time I think about writing a post, I seize up, freeze, turn off and turn away. It’s easier not to post, than face my Facebook

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Heart opening meditation

Hot off the mic, I’ve created this beautiful heart-opening / healing meditation for you to download for free and enjoy this month. The link to download the file is below this text. If you’re new to my emails, I send out one guided meditation for free based on a different theme every month for your

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