How to be more wealthy in life

Last week, my girlfriends and I got onto the “juicy” topic of finances. I imagine that juicy isn’t a word you’d naturally use when talking about money? But I've found that reframing the way you talk about something (especially when it's an emotional topic) does help you feel happier and clearer, faster.

I’m proud to say my girlfriends and I are now earning good money, which also means that we have to learn the joys of company taxes, VAT and accountants.

Those last three words turn you off? They’re not my favourites either, but in order to earn more and feel “great” (there I said it) about money, you have to learn to manage what you already have.

For years I’d bury my head in the sand, avoiding everything financial: online banking, checking my balance, credit card payments, opening bank statements etc. I was disconnected, powerless, and to be honest a bit dumb. I’d just dodge it all, and conveniently forget I had anything to manage. The thought of sitting down and trawling through my finances would be a big waste of my time, or so I believed. Money didn't enrich my life, it weighed me down. I was stuck in my fear and resistance, and moaned about not having enough.

I’m happy to share that I shifted my avoidance into what I’d call showing up for my money, or in other words, beginning to face the pickle I’d got myself into. It didn’t happen overnight, and I moved slowly and steadily, becoming more comfortable with each step. I was curious about why I’d been hiding so much. And while I committed to getting myself sorted pronto, new doors suddenly opened, with some brand new realisations for me.

What I quickly found was, although we can’t be great at everything (nor should we try) being open and willing to be a bit more responsible was a good place to start.

One of the biggest lessons that dropped in for me was that:

“Money is an amplifier for getting more of me out into the world”

This changed the game for me, as I began to realise that if I earned more money, I’d be able to fund myself to travel more, do tours and global events. Earning more became less about me, and more about investing into my vision and work. This gave me more drive to getting myself and my money stories cleared up.

The main reason I’m sharing all this, is to announce a brand NEW workshop: WealthTonic, which launches in Jan 2017.

It’s to support you all to get much clearer on your finances. To work through your money blocks, your misunderstandings, your resistance, to clear your anger, frustration, fear, sadness, realise your value in the world, and welcome your desire to earn more of it.

WealthTonic is a full day workshop to help you feel more wealthy, vibrant and abundant in your life.

Further details here

What are you waiting for?!

See you all there xx