My TOP 3 Wellness Hacks

I’m pretty obsessed with being the BEST version of myself.

What that means is I'm all over the latest wellness hacks.

My favourite being:

  1. Floating

  2. Bio hacking

  3. Micro-dosing

The question I’m always asking myself is: how can I maximise this moment?

And experiences seem to find me, because I'm wide open and curious to find out more.

And I'm not the only one! Throughout human history, we’ve looked to use substances and experiences which enhance our experience of life.

For example, the ancient greeks had “initiatory” rituals “designed to strip away standard frames of reference, profoundly alter consciousness and unlock a heightened level of insight.”** A drug much like LSD inspired these rituals, but using it illicitly invited capital punishment... a risk the elite were willing to run to experience it's effects.

In Mexico they used Peyote (a hallucinogenic cactus) for certain religious ceremonies and rituals.

And animals too: Bees stoned on orchid nectar, goats eating magic mushrooms, birds feeding on marijuana seeds, rats, mice, lizards, flies, spiders and cockroaches on opium, mandrills taking the iboga root, etc.**

Next week I’m going to go to a plant medicine ceremony again - which, you might already know if you've read my book "Self-Care for the Soul", it’s where my new beginning began. 

I can't wait to tell you all about my experience... so keep an eye on your inbox for my next email!

Jody xx

Jody Shield