I’m presenting to a group (my fourth in ten days) the room’s full and I’m circling around, drawing people in with my words of wisdom. Everyone’s engaged: the skeptics, the corporates, the fashionistas, the psychologists. I’m being grilled, but it feels exhilarating and my ready replies keep coming. Suddenly, I’m having an ‘out-of-body’ moment and observing myself from afar, think: “Wow, I’m telling my story….and they’re hanging off every juicy detail. This is amazing…what a rush!!”

I was in front of early adopters: pioneers of cool, trendies who could take my work into the mainstream. They had little-to-no knowledge of self-discovery, alternative therapies or coaching. It was a challenge, but one I was used to, since the day I started this new life. To me challenge = opportunity. A chance to spread the word and watch the shift in awareness!

The absolute key to engage people is to speak from my heart. When I talk from my heart, people lock-on, connect and receive.

I work, socialise, exercise and live my life from my heart. The heart is my power centre, my place of truth, authenticity and strength. It’s a different way of presenting and experiencing the world.

In the room, I was feeling a new confidence, a new authority and a new and powerful me. I was thinking and channelling directly from my heart (without the brain). I wondered how this was happening.

I began researching into the science and soon I discovered something amazing. When we form cells in the womb, the first organ that emerges is the heart. It starts beating without any instruction from the brain. This intrigued scientists, and following months of research they revealed the heart had it’s own intelligence: a brain with thousands of cells, hormones and a nervous system. You can ‘think’ with your heart.

This cemented my theories, and intuition on the heart, and gave birth to a series of talks on ‘Living in the Heart’ and thoughts on how to support others in this powerful transition into authenticity, integrity and success.

The transition from the brain into the heart has been a key part of my journey and something I’m hugely passionate about coaching people in. It’s a journey that takes willingness, effort and determination, but the rewards are huge and the new direction and lease of life you gain is invaluable.

It’s a road of transformation and healing, and you may encounter ‘bumps’ along the way: old emotional memories, heartbreak, bad relationships and betrayal…all buried deep in the heart. We’re experts at holding onto old baggage.

These bumps are great as they provide opportunity for growth and to experience deep transformation, but you’ll need some healing work to help you release, transform and transition into the heart. This, I’m an expert in!

I can start you on your journey today with some basic things and the deeper healing is up to you when the time is right.

The basics:

1. Connect to the physical heart.

Start by putting a hand over your heart, close your eyes and start to sense and hear the heart beat. If your mind wanders off, catch it and bring your awareness back into the heart. It should help by keeping the hand over the heart.

2. Build a relationship with your heart.

Connect with the heart every morning (see above) and notice how easy it becomes. Appreciate and respect your heart. It’s a powerful organ (with it’s own brain) and can support you completely. Next (with the hand over the heart) start breathing into the heart. When you’re breathing into the heart, also breathe into the back of the heart. The heart and it’s energy centre is all around you.

3. Breathing deeper into the heart.

Practice breathing into the heart (as above) every morning and start to breathe into the cells (the thought creates the action, so think of breathing into your cells and you will). Begin to breathe deeper and deeper into the heart and the cells, activating and awakening the cells. At times, this might feel hard or uncomfortable or even tight or painful. Just keep breathing into the tightness and resistance and you’ll start to open up the old emotions. Deep breathing will release at a basic level.

4. Speaking from the heart.

Practice communicating from your heart. It’s good to do this with your partner or friends first. Set the intention to ‘be’ in the heart and take your awareness into the heart, take a few breathes into the heart, get used to being there and begin to speak. Feel and sense the difference and observe how they react and respond. You are speaking from your centre of truth, so you’ll sound authentic, honest and open.

All ok? I know these might look like baby-steps, but it’s the most effective way to begin. There’s one more thing to accelerate this journey:

5. Light Grids group sessions.

Come along and try a session in Shoreditch (Friday PM) or Notting Hill (Monday PM – see below). Light Grids is centred around heart healing, and supporting you to move into your heart. We always begin the session with an opening and awakening of the heart, allowing the gentle energies to support your heart to open and release throughout the session.

When you want support and healing to go deeper, I’m here.

Working-from-the-heart2 2
Working-from-the-heart2 2

Jody x