Work one-on-one with me privately as a coach

Tap into your full potential and thrive in your life, no matter where you are in the world.

I’ll create a bespoke package of business coaching, life coaching, spiritual healing, and goal setting. I’ll personally support you to connect with your vision and develop the strategy to get you there. We’ll transform your mindset, remove what’s blocking you from achieving the success you’re capable of, increase your energy levels rapidly, and develop your unique gifts so you can share them with the world.


READY for big LIFE changes? Ready to TAP INTO your POTENTIAL?

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There comes a point in your life when you’re ready for so much more...

Do you dream of upgrading your life so it lights up your soul (but don’t know what to do, or how to make it happen)?
Do you want to find your voice, unleash your potential and thrive?
Do you want to get connected to your purpose and live from a place of flow, abundance and inspiration?

It’s my job to help you succeed in every possible way. I help powerful leaders remember their power, and achieve the impossible.

You'll release fear and limitation, open your mind and heart, tap into your soul’s calling, and leap out of bed every morning excited about your day.

Sound too good to be true? Actually, it's really not. I promise.

Everything you desire (and more) is 100% possible, when you have the right guidance.


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I only work with a small number of focused, ambitious and driven people at any one time. This allows me to create a bespoke package of business coaching, money coaching, life coaching, career / business strategies and goal setting… all with a soulful twist!

I’ll personally support you to connect with your vision and mission, and create the strategy to get you there. I'll help you transform your mindset, and remove what’s blocking you from achieving the success you’re capable of. I'll help you to understand what's lacking in your knowledge and resources, and help you fill the gaps. We'll increase your energy levels rapidly, and develop your unique gifts so you can share them with the world.



We’ll work together for period of time. Long-lasting permanent change takes time. And commitment, and dedication. And you'll see AMAZING results. 

You’ll have contact with me in-between sessions, motivational voice notes, constant supervision from me, and much more (including a beautiful welcome pack and gifts along the way!)

You’ll receive the exact blueprint that I’ve used to radically transform my own life including: my favourite tools, my healing systems, my business advice, my spiritual wisdom and 10 years of marketing experience to support you with your life-changing expansion.

This is the journey of a lifetime. One that will transform every aspect of your reality. You will get to know yourself at the deepest level, understand your purpose, and open yourself up to more possibilities than you could ever imagine.

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in the programme YOU WILL:

  • Get clear on your purpose and understand your WHY

  • Unleash your potential in life and activate your cosmic confidence mindset

  • Tap into your intuition by learning how to tune into your inner guidance

  • Increase your earnings, receive more in your life and improve your relationship with money 

  • Heal and release old stories, blocks and trauma standing in the way

  • Learn powerful tools and techniques you’ll be able to use in your daily life

  • Receive unprecedented insight and understanding of yourself



  • First, enter your details below

  • Second, complete a short questionnaire to make sure we’re the right fit

  • Third, book a powerful conversation to chat about you, what you want, and understand how Jody can support you.

MY clients achieve the impossible, on a regular basis.

I knew from an early age I could achieve anything I set my mind to, but I didn’t have inspiration, knowledge, wisdom or the tools to get me there. I’m from a family of fiercely independent women who although had success, never quite reached their potential. I sense one of the main reasons why, was their lack of support (or them not allowing the support in). We need a team around us, to raise us up, to keep us inspired, motivated and excited! Without this, living an incredible life of FREEDOM, WEALTH, HEALTH, LOVE and PASSION isn’t possible. When I employed my first coach, within 3 months, my income had doubled and I was more driven, more focused and more expansive than ever before. I couldn’t believe how fast it’d happened, and it all seemed easy…when I had someone to support me consistently.

At this point in time, you have two choices:

  1. You keep living your current life, feeling limited and knowing there’s more you want to offer - this means you’ll be moving towards your default future - same career, same relationship, same earnings, same lifestyle.

  2. You wake up, and make a decision to start fully LIVING your life - this means you’ll be creating an incredible future with a very powerful ending and a legacy.

I work in a powerful (yet unconventional) way. This means, I support you to get aligned with your purpose, vision and mission and then help you work out a strategy to get you there. And along the way we’ll have fun! Because if life isn’t fun, it’ll soon get boring ;-)

If this resonates and you’re feeling goosebumps and waves of excitement, read on, then complete the short questionnaire and book a call x



When I enrolled to work with Jody, I was so ready to take a leap of faith and discover this new and exciting path of soulful business. One of my goals was to stop hiding behind my business and be seen. To put myself out there more and shine. I made this intention at the start, and well they say be careful what you wish for. Not long after I received a call from Dragons Den inviting me for an audition for their show. I was literally gobsmacked. I aced the interview and was in their top 3/50 contestants to pitch first time. I no longer suffer with my anxiety bouts, and have learnt how to run a business from a conscious state and how to not let our mind lead the way. I have a deeper connection with my soul and life seems so much lighter and spacious. I’ve overcome many fears and self-limiting beliefs and have a new sense of unapologetic confidence. I can now truly say I am ready to be seen! This is all thanks to Jody and her unique and exciting way of approaching entrepreneurship.
— Janine Marshall, Founder and Food entrepreneur

Working with Jody, the shifts were immediate, I received an amazing redundancy package which gave me the freedom to take time off to travel the world, and set up my own coaching business. The tools Jody provides are lifechanging, and I’ve manifested the ROI from working with her many times over. Just last week I created £5k from 40 mins ‘work’. Jody is a multi-talented transformational coach; so many things rolled into one, life coach, spiritual healer, business coach, true friend and therapist. She has such unquestioning belief in me that it gives me the confidence to really go after exactly what I want. She helps me expand beyond anything I thought possible and is there every step of the way to support me on my new life journey. It never feels fearful with her support. An incredible healer, mentor, inspiration, teacher an entrepreneur, Jody is generous and really inspires me to want to do well and kick ass
— sarah clark, executive coach (ex goldman sachs)

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I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed, indecisive and embarrassed by my business to feeling energised, confident and having a deep purpose and pride in my work. Working with Jody has given me the courage to double my prices and 8X my income! Rather than constantly panicking about money, I can finally enjoy the work and allow myself a little time off! I am finally confident that having a family doesn’t need to mean forfeiting my career!
— laura fisher, bant nutritional therapist

Working with Jody has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I needed to take a massive leap of faith into another career and I needed someone to really understand my fears and my self doubt! Jody more than fulfilled that role, she has an amazing ability to connect to you at such a deeper level, uncovering your true self whilst motivating and guiding you in a truly supportive way. Jody felt like my new best friend, someone that I could trust with my deepest fears and could proudly celebrate my progress with. I still am constantly amazed at the opportunities that have come into my life during this time, an amazing team, job offers, new clients suddenly appearing and new partnerships in my community, it all seems so easy and divinely planned! Life is flowing so effortlessly that I want to pinch myself!! I cannot recommend her coaching enough and feel truly blessed to have had this amazing opportunity.
— Nicola bennison, wellness director
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This is a full-on experience where Jody will guide you to face truths, be challenged, be inquisitive and open up new possibilities that you never thought were possible. I was able to grow and shake off past limitations. It’s so refreshing to be around someone who is so vibrant, energetic and caring, but also grounded. She doesn’t hold back and says things how they are! I’m feeling so much less stuck in life now, have some clear goals ahead, have achieved way beyond what I thought I was capable of, and am very excited about the future.
— Rachel Lomas, producer

By working with Jody, I have really flipped my money mindset from a place of lack / fearing I didn’t have enough to a place of abundance and co-creating with money. I actually manifested £15 in less than 24 hours when working with Jody. I have set myself some crazy goals but I’m confident I’ll achieve them with my new mindset and understanding of money as energy. I now know money WANTS to come into my life!
— caroline pady, property investor, success coach (ex finance)

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Having Jody as a mentor has been utterly transformative! I’d wanted to launch my meditation and wellbeing business for a long time but had been too scared to put myself out there and ‘go pro’. Things had stagnated, and I felt pretty stuck. Then I started working with Jody and WHOOSH - everything moved quickly, and here I am, launched and ready to work with clients! Jody works intuitively, which means that she can identify the blocks that are not immediately obvious to you. She pushes you to go for what you want but is supportive at the same time, so you never feel out of your depth. Plus she’s funny and insightful, generously sharing her experience with you, so the sessions feel deeply personal, too. I highly recommend Jody as a mentor and would love to work with her again in the future!
— Charlotte Barrett, Meditation Teacher

Jody really has changed my life! Within a couple of months of the programme, I got promoted (and also received calls from two agencies regarding potential promotions). I also got a huge pay rise with my promotion and am happier than ever in my new role.
As if that wasn’t enough, I started to get consistent orders for my jewellery business for the first time in 5 years! 
Thank you Jody! I am forever grateful!
— Raj Reehal

Jody’s an absolute force of nature… she knows exactly how to support you and what you need. Working with her was extremely transformational. If someone would have told me that after 2 months of working with her I would have felt such massive shifts I don’t think I would have believed it.
— Rosa P, Business Controller & Aspiring Author

I can’t say enough good things about Jody. For the first time in my life I’m actually in touch with my own power and I’ve been able to reconnect with my spiritual self. Everyone should be going through this shift. And there’s nobody better person to do this with, than with Jody.
— Katja, Ecommerce Consultant


  • You’re a leader / entrepreneur / business owner (or desire to be), and you’re ready to achieve the impossible and significantly change.

  • You’re ready to double, treble your income, create more freedom in your life, work more efficiently and follow your dreams.

  • You’re ready to make a “healthy” investment in your life and wellbeing. A financial, energetic, and time investment. We're creating freedom, joy and expansion for you.

I can whole-heartedly say: it's the best investment you could do for your current and future wellbeing, success and fulfilment in every area of your life.

What you'll learn will help you for the rest of your life.

Questions about the programme? Just send an email to and we'll reply asap.