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soulful biz COACHING for entrepreneurs

A powerful group coaching experience to increase your income, transform your mindset and live in flow.
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  • Are you ready to get clear on what you really want in life and business?

  • To tap into your true purpose and get aligned with your potential?

  • To create more success, wealth and abundance?

This is a new opportunity to work with me. It’s advanced, transformative, accessible and results-driven.




Imagine being excited about your career and business, making intuitive and clear decisions about where to go next, and being tapped into a unique guidance system ready to direct you through your life?

Get In Flow is a unique monthly group coaching programme designed to help you get in-tune with yourself, your soul and harness your unique talents and abilities to bring them out into the world. This is soulful business for entrepreneurs.

Sign up for 6 months & take your career, finances and success to the next level.

Be part of an incredible community of high-vibe, conscious, and driven people ready to change their world.   

You’ll get exclusive, members-only access to advanced, high-level success coaching with me - a wellness expert, speaker, author and mentor.


EACH MONTH you’ll get

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  • A brand new theme teaching you all you need to know about business and career

  • A LIVE 90 min training session & the recording to re-watch

  • A LIVE mastermind Q&A call to ask me all your questions & get my personal advice and guidance

  • A LIVE meditation session to release blocks and limitations

  • An healing guided meditation recording to use every morning to keep you centred and grounded 

  • Live 24/7 support and a loving community of inspiring like-minded women

  • Lifetime access to the trainings in the digital portal with your own member’s area



  • Soulful Biz: The New Way - move into alignment and get connected to who you are, and what you’re here to share with the world

  • Creating a Powerful Money Mindset - creating new money stories to bring more flow, abundance and financial nourishment into your life

  • Soulful Goals - setting BIG goals, getting clear on your vision, your mission and understand more about what you're here for

  • Embracing Your Success, Wealth and Power - transforming fears, limiting beliefs as well as expanding out into the universe

  • Owning Your Worth - claim your self-worth, value and earning potential

    And much, much more...


8 days into the Get In Flow programme, and I just got off the phone with Dragon’s Den, they asked me in for an audition! So many amazing things have happened this past week, it’s beginning to freak me out (in a good way!)
— Janine Marshall, Owner of Matcha Now
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I’ve almost been a GIF member for 5 months and in those 5 months I’ve changed jobs (for the better) started my own little wine biz, I put out to the universe that I was ready to meet a nice man and I HAVE, and I’m just about to move into a bigger flat!!! All I can say is that this group has been life changing for me.
— Lisa A
I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed, indecisive and embarrassed by my business to feeling energised, confident and having a deep purpose and pride in my work. ‘Get in Flow’ has given me the courage to double my prices and 8 x my income! Rather than constantly panicking about money I can finally enjoy the work and allow myself a little time off! I am finally confident that having a family doesn’t need to mean forfeiting your career. With the tools GIF has taught me I now know how to develop my business in a way that is perfect for me and my family.
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Since joining Get In Flow, my relationship with money has become more effortless. I manifested £20k earlier this year, and have just got another £2k back from HMRC. I’m so grateful for money and for your teaching Jody. Now I’m ready to own it and celebrate it!
— Noemi NB
7 days into the Get In Flow programme and I’ve already manifested the amount for the GIF programme through new, unexpected business. And new clients are coming to me paying me at the higher rate which I was originally fearful to charge. As opposed to me chasing for the business, it’s coming to me easily and flowing in.
— Francesca B
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Being in Get in Flow has been AMAZING and I’m a completely different person now with a brand-new unstoppable mindset. Before I felt lost and without purpose. Now I’m super confident, relaxed, excited and I know what I was put on this earth to do!! My intuition is my new compass and I believe in myself more than ever. I feel like a bright diamond ready to shine my light on the world and I can’t wait! I skip through my day high on life, smiling and excited for what’s to come.
Get in Flow has been the most amazing experience. Jody is an incredible light with the most wonderful energy that just runs through our group. I have made huge steps in driving my business forward with a depth of understanding that I didn’t know was possible. The transformation on a personal and professional level has been awesome. Jody guides us, teaches us and is incredibly present. I am stronger, wiser and so much more connected.
— Juliette G.
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Sign up for 6 months

  • 6x Monthly LIVE 90min business training modules

  • 6x Monthly LIVE Mastermind calls with Jody

  • 6x Monthly LIVE Meditation sessions to release blocks and limitations

  • 6x Powerful meditations to support you to manifest your goals and dreams

  • 24/7 Support of a thriving online business community

  • Lifetime access to resources and recordings

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Yes, you CAN be it all:
spiritual, highly conscious and ultra successful

You can be in-flow, heart-centred, take it slow, and be nourished by your business.

You can have more free-time while AND create more profit than ever before.

Release the fear, the desperation and limitation. Move into ease, freedom and effortlessness.

Get tuned-in, turned on and tapped into who you are, and what you’re here to do.  

You’re totally unique, one-of-a kind.
You’re here for a purpose, a specific mission.
You’re here to experience life at its’ fullest.
You’re here to learn, tap into your potential and expand.

It’s time to find out what, how and why.

Your job is to show up, do the work, follow the plan and get on track to a fulfilled career path and life!


It’s time to get unstuck, and invest in the next 6 months of your life being the best 6 months of your life.

It’s up to you.

Stop “doing” so much. Stop forcing, pushing, burning-out, beating yourself up, the sleepless nights, the overwhelm, the anxiety, the self-doubt, the fears.

It’s time to place you at the centre, get clear on your goals, and create a success path to achieve what you truly desire.


Questions about the programme? Just send an email to and we'll reply asap.