Finding balance and improving wellness is becoming essential to living better lives. We’re more aware than ever before of the importance of our own wellbeing, and are actively seeking out resources, and brands that support us with this.

Successful brands now, are “tuned in” to the needs of their audience. They are brands who understand customers on a deeper level, from the inside-out, and can truly enrich the lives of their customers.

Jody can provide: Inspiring workshops, motivational speaking, unique meditation experiences, video and podcast content, PR/media sessions, social media collaborations.

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“Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world” ~ Rumi

Sharing moments of inspiration, laughter and connection with audiences fuels my soul.

As a transformational speaker, these interactions are precious, and give me the opportunity to express my wisdom, my messages, and teachings.

As a global inspirational wellbeing speaker, I’ve spoken to hundreds on stages, in forests, in the wild west, and on yachts!

I believe in the power of moving people into action, by sharing masterful messages and stories.

I work with brands to create meaningful experiences, and offer authentic wellness principles, tools and techniques.