Katja Schmutzler- Ecommerce consultant


Having Jody as a mentor has been utterly transformative! I’d wanted to launch my meditation and wellbeing business for a long time but had been too scared to put myself out there and ‘go pro’. Things had stagnated, and I felt pretty stuck. Then I started working with Jody and WHOOSH - everything moved quickly, and here I am, launched and ready to work with clients! Jody works intuitively, which means that she can identify the blocks that are not immediately obvious to you. She pushes you to go for what you want but is supportive at the same time, so you never feel out of your depth. Plus she’s funny and insightful, generously sharing her experience with you, so the sessions feel deeply personal, too. I highly recommend Jody as a mentor and would love to work with her again in the future!
— Charlotte Barrett - Intuitive Meditation Teacher


Rosa Pellicer-  Business Controller, aspiring Author


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Jody has been incredible as a mentor. She’s been practical, given me amazing advice but she’s also helped me on a personal development journey as well. 3 months on, I’ve launched my website, my business and I’m really happy!
— Nicola Harker www.nicolaharkercoaching.com
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Being mentored by Jody has been an awakening. Through our sessions I have learnt how to connect to my heart and to my soul; I am finally able to hear myself again. I was able to hear my soul’s call to quit my job, and now I’m readying myself for new ventures. I believe I am exactly where I need to be right now. I have met people I otherwise would not have known if I’d continued my job, who are supporting me through this transition, offering me career advice and encouraging my ideas and goals. As well as reconnecting with lost old friends, who have almost been echoing my conversations with Jody: I feel like everything is being divinely orchestrated. These beautiful people arriving in my world just as I make the decision to step away from the ledge. The techniques Jody has taught me, alongside our open conversations has opened me up, and allowed me space. I feel less in my head, and more in my truth. My confidence growing every day. She’s allowed me to feel more capable of walking in my power, and owning all that I am. She truly is one of the most beautiful people. I am so grateful to the forces that directed me to her.
— Victoria Odunuyi