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Self-help author, accredited success coach, motivational speaker, and meditation ambassador for Lululemon. Jody is trained in disciplines including: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping), Advanced Life-Coaching, LightGrids(TM) and Meditation with Damien Wynne, transformational speaking by Gail Larson, Reiki (as a Master) and Theta healing. Over the past 5 years Jody has transformed the lives of many through her forward thinking techniques and unique coaching style.

LONG bio:

Jody Shield is a renowned self-help author, accredited success coach, motivational speaker, and the first European meditation ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. Known as the “glamorous face of mindfulness” by the Daily Mail, and “a shining light in the new-gen spiritual movement” by Red magazine, Jody is recognised as one of the top 30 global influencers by Marie Claire magazine, receiving their prestigious #MarieClaireVerified award for services to wellbeing.

Amongst London’s high fliers, media, celebrities and fellow influencers Jody is widely known as the “go-to” success coach to excel her clients to achieve their personal and professional lifelong ambitions. Jody’s first book in paperback, ‘Self-care for the Soul’ - a modern toolbox to power up your brightest, boldest, happiest you will launch in January 2019.

Straightforward, contemporary and aware of the everyday issues we all face, her 10 years’ experience as a Business Director in advertising means she understands first-hand the stress epidemic that plagues the corporate world, and the growing addiction to busy.

As a motivational speaker, influencer and self-development expert, Jody’s experience includes working with brands such as; Nike, Lululemon, Kikki K, WeWork, LiveNation and luxury hotel groups the Shangri-La hotel and the Gili Lankanfushi resort in the Maldives. She’s the first ever European meditation ambassador for global brand Lululemon Athletica and has residencies across London for Soho House group, AllBright club Stella McCartney and COMO by Metropolitan London.

In 2013, Jody founded her monthly London-based group meditation sessions, accessible to the healthy millennial preferring a supernatural high and instant pick-me-up, to an all-nighter. From here the brand grew pioneering the wellbeing movement not just in London but around the globe and now includes; Get in Flow (business coaching for high powered women), She’s Electric (Podcast), TribeTonic (a monthly content subscription for the wellness warrior teaching tools to release stress, limiting beliefs, fears and symptoms) and soon to launch, Jody’s first book, Self-care for the Soul.

Jody believes in the power of holistic healing and uses pioneering techniques, life-changing coaching and insight. She maintains a successful global practice working privately with celebrities, musicians, artists, models, lawyers, brokers and entrepreneurs helping them to understand their purpose, launch new businesses, double their income, and realise their full potential.