"Jody is such a beautiful beam of light. After my first session I was hooked! She is a vibrant channel for us to clear out the old and see the truth of what we really are. Grateful to have her as a mentor and get to call her my friend"

Ashley Roberts- Music Artist, TV Presenter, Model



"Jody is absolutely amazing, I’m incredibly inspired by her energy. She’s been a huge help to me, keeping me grounded and allowing me to let go of things that were holding me back. I couldn’t recommend a session with her more"

Ella Mills- Founder of Deliciously Ella & Mae Deli | Best selling Author | Entrepreneur



"Jody makes meditation cool, spreading her amazing message of self love and how reconnect with your true self, her book is a game changer"

Madeleine Shaw- Bestselling Author | Health Coach | Yoga Teacher



"Jody completely disarmed me. Her bubbly, smiley, easygoing demeanour belie a very deep, powerful and spiritual gift – and after a weekend with her, when she dispelled all cynicism for her unique healing work, I floated away, heart wide open, fully blissed out"

Eminé Rushton- Wellness Director, PSYCHOLOGIES magazine


"Just one session with Jody was enough to zero-in on a major issue (in fact THE major issue) get to the bottom of it, and deconstruct it. One year later I am happier than I have ever been, and I know Jody played a major part in that (frankly miraculous) transformation. Thank you"

Alan Dolan- Founder of Breathguru | Breathing Space Retreats


"I'm so incredibly grateful that I have found a healer by the name of Jody. She is a breath of fresh air, finally someone can connect to my soul and can feel/see what I've been through without judgement. I feel so much lighter and happier for it. I'm able to cope with life's challenges with a calmness and clarity that I could only wish for in the past"

Oliver Jones- Freelance Designer | Writer


"Jody completely took my breath away. The depth of her work is extremely powerful and transformative, it has cleared away so many blocks for me in every area of my life both emotionally and physically. She is truly life-changing!"

Victoria Yeates, Actress

"After spending few months working on my nutrition I felt that my heart and mind needed cleansing too. A friend had recommended Jody and after one session I was hooked. She has a real sense of ‘you’ instantly and I was amazed at how much better I felt after the first session. It’s been fantastic to feel calmer and more like the ‘unique’ me. I feel far more connected with my spiritual self and more in control of my life and happiness. I have recommended her to so many friends that she is fast becoming the worst kept secret to a happy and more content life."

Beth- Fashion Stylist | Founder of Red Thread magazine

"I met Jody by chance (or maybe it wasn’t) and immediately knew there was a reason. Discovering her heading has given me the clarity and objectivity that gets lost with the madness and chaos of day to day life. Each healing has given me insight into the direction or decision I wanted to take and I now know it’ll be a part of my own personal maintenance and down time. In addition to this, Jody’s infectious and calming energy make it a joy to just say hello."

Mark Rogue- Founding Partner Regal Rogue