A Modern Toolkit to Heal Your Life and Soothe Your Soul

LifeTonic is the book you wish you always had. It has the tools, techniques and wisdom you need to be sane in today’s world, and be the boss of your own life. As if it knew your darkest, deepest fears and wildest dreams, it offers the advice you wished your horoscope would give you, and the unwavering support you always find in Netflix and chocolate. Your wise grandmother, hilarious best friend, and loving intuition… all wrapped into one.

‘Jody has that rare ability to speak directly to the deepest part of you, but rather than simply identifying the blockages that might be getting in your way, she’ll also arm you with the advice and practical tools to work through them, so you can face the world feeling stronger, more connected and more you.’
Joanna McGarry – Beauty Director at large, Stylist Magazine
‘Jody completely disarmed me. Her bubbly, smiley, easy-going demeanour belie a very deep, powerful and spiritual gift’
Eminé Rushton – Wellness Director, PSYCHOLOGIES Magazine
‘A new leader in the self-help movement, a fresh voice in healing your modern woes…if you’re spiritually curious, Jody is here to superpower and expand your life.’
Brigid Moss – Health Director, Red Magazine
‘Jody is absolutely amazing, I’m incredibly inspired by her energy. She’s kept me grounded and allowed me to let go of things that were holding me back.’
ELLA MILLS – Founder of Deliciously Ella and Mae Deli
‘Jody makes meditation cool, spreading her amazing message of self-love and how to reconnect with your true self, this book is a game changer.’
Madeleine Shaw – Bestselling Author, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher
‘Jody makes it cool to look within, remove the blocks, love yourself and go get what you desire!’
Jasmine Hemsley – Wellbeing expert, Author and Chef
‘Jody is such a beautiful beam of light. She is a vibrant channel for us to clear out the old and see the truth of what we really are. Grateful to have her as a mentor and get to call her my friend.’
Ashley Roberts – Music Artist, TV Presenter, Model