You log on to HSBC and look in horror at your bank balance, it’s the 12th of the month and already you’re deep in the red.

You start to panic, it wells up inside you. Your heart beats faster, your palms start to sweat and you dive headfirst into your debt.

Fear flows through your body, which contracts and coils up. You speed dive into your thoughts of lack, how much debt you’re in and worry about losing it all and being homeless. You spiral lower and lower into your poverty, falling deep in victim-mode and losing touch on what’s real.

You get lost in the wilderness of your mind, and it’s all very dramatic.

This used to be me.

Money and I weren’t mates. We had an emotional time, with plenty of resistance and misunderstanding. Oh and guilt, tonnes of guilt. I felt guilty when I had it, when I wanted more, and when I spent it. 

Ever the optimist, and determined to sort it out, I rolled up my sleeves and made a pact (with myself) to uncover my blocks. And I’m happy to say i’ve come very, very far.

We (me and money) now have a positive and abundant relationship. Money flows in, money flows out. I even give talks about money, and help you to get clear on it.

I love money.

I love managing my money (I NEVER thought it’d say this).

And…I love receiving money (without the guilt) woohoo!

The main thing I learnt was that money is energy. It’s an energetic exchange for the value and energy you put out into the world.  You receive money in exchange for the energy you give out or ‘spend’ on the world. Make sense? (You might want to repeat this out-loud to yourself a couple of times until it sinks in).

Here’s 3 ways to improve your cash flow:

1) Give it away. The fastest way to get back into the flow of money again is to give it away. The first thing you might do when you go into money fear is tighten up and close yourself down. You then instantly block money from coming in. It’s always a flow, remember? So give it out, even just £2 tip to the taxi man. Keep it flowing.

2) Receive, receive, receive. You got to learn how to receive. Most of us were brought up to believe it’s wrong to receive, and the right thing to do is give. So we spend our whole lives giving. Start by teaching yourself to receive compliments people give you. Rather than brush them off, look them in their eyes and thank them. 

3) Love your money. Learn to treat your money with respect and create a relationship with it. Remember it’s a symbol of exchange for what you are giving out to the world, so when you treat it with love and respect you are respecting yourself. Light a candle and log on to your online account with the intention to be ok with whatever you find. Be grateful for your money.

All good? Any Qs let me know in the comments below or email me hello@jodyshield.co.uk