Clearing houses

Last weekend I was up north in drizzly Liverpool, clearing out my granny’s house, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago. I loved granny. We had an interesting relationship, which improved the more I aged. Granny loved academia, and if she wasn’t intellectually stimulated, she’d quickly lose interest. Hence why we improved the older I became. I’m like a fine wine, I get more interesting and full-bodied with age :-)

Although highly interesting (author of two books) she was emotionally very closed, and held tightly onto her old baggage. Her house was a metaphor for her, she hoarded so much stuff. There were many hidden cupboards, some dripping with silver treasure, some full of manuscripts and letters from the 1800’s with locks of hair from dead relatives. All very intriguing, and totally unexpected. We’d never been invited to look inside her inner world.

We hold onto our ‘stuff’

Let’s explore the idea that our homes reflect what’s going on inside us. If we stockpile lots of ‘stuff’, does it mean we have lots of inner ‘stuff’ like old emotions, old trauma, painful memories etc inside us?

I think it’s a yes. It’s very evident to me that our outside world’s are a complete reflection of what’s happening inside us, so perhaps our overflowing loft space is a cry for help that we need some inner clearing too.

As humans, we love storing things. Squirrelling stuff away for those ‘rainy days’ as our grannies used to say. Yet those rainy days never come, and so our stuff remains hidden away in our loft or attic and piles up higher and higher.

It bogs us down. 

I believe that all of this ‘stuff’ in our houses, weighs us down. Not just metaphorically….physically and emotionally too.

Let’s think of an extreme example: a hoarder’s house. Someone whose house is crammed full of crap….just the thought of it makes me feel funny.  Does this mean they’re also crammed full of crap inside too? I’d believe so. Maybe hoarding is a way of expressing to yourself, just how much stuff you have inside of you? A cry for help!

I don’t know for sure, yet it feels true to me.

We got to let it go

Let’s think about why we need a good clear out.

We need to release our stuff somehow, otherwise we’ll just get heavier and heavier and heavier.

Think about clearing out your wardrobe. When you stuck in, get the bin bags and throw away all the old clothes you no longer wear, how great do you feel afterwards? I feel totally euphoric! And the space you’ve created…wow the space. You create more space in your life (and your wardrobe!).

Let. It. Go.

Clear out. Inside and out:

1. Inside. Clear your emotional baggage / blockages. It’s time to release it and let it go. Come to The Sunday Sessions. Here’s the info. It’ll make sense once you’re there!

2. Outside. Book time out in your diary, google rubbish dump or clothes bins, get some sturdy bin bags and be ruthless. It’ll feel amazing when it’s done.

How are you going to clear?