Fearless living and how to keep showing up

So much happens in our lives on a daily basis. And so much of it is out of our control: work-related situations, someone making a nasty comment, family-drama and so on.


How do you keep showing up when you’re getting knocked around or there’s lots of stuff going on?


Ok, first of all, let’s examine what ‘showing up’ even means.


It means you understand life is like a university: it’s constantly setting up the exact situations you need to grow, learn and expand. And you make a conscious choice to interact with the experiences life is giving to you. 


Now, because showing up is a decision it’s up to us whether we want to learn or if we'd rather avoid the situation. 


And either option is totally ok. 


But as you may know, situations tend to repeat themselves again and again until we’re ready to embrace their teachings... 


In today’s episode of Jody LIVE I’m sharing 2 powerful tools I use when I feel fearful, blocked, or I’m about to walk into a difficult situation. 


They really make SUCH a difference, and I know they can help you too.


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