Getting to the heart of it

“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being


Healing your heart, is one of the most powerful steps you can take in your healing journey.

Right now, chances are, you’re stuck in your mind most of the time. Living your life from your logical, rational, analytical part of you. And although your mind is brilliant at solving problems, the way it looks at things,

You might already sense there’s something missing? Maybe you’re feeling lost? Or unfulfilled? Like your life isn’t unfolding quite the way you’d imagined it would?


Check this out:

Your heart is a source of creativity, a place where you can access your inner wisdom/intuition, your purpose, and your joy. Acting like an inner GPS, it guides you through life, giving you direction and opening new doors, and paths for you to follow. Your heart understands you like no-one else does.

The only problem is, that it's highly possible that you're very disconnected from your heart.


Our society seems to emphasise the thinking, and the brain, and seems to forget all about the feeling. Can you recall the last important decision you made at work? Did your boss ask you what you FELT was the best choice? Or what you THOUGHT was the most logical option?

It’s no surprise, that after decades of being in our brains (and using this as the way we move through life, constantly giving it problems to solve) it can feel nearly impossible to shut down the constant chatter in our heads and connect with the more quieter heart.

Now, don’t get me wrong: the mind is absolutely essential, and is in no way the “bad guy”. It’s just that the importance and emphasis we have given it has gotten out of balance.

If we go a bit deeper, we realise the heart is the first thing we protect from others. Most of the time, we’d rather hand over our minds, and even our bodies, but the heart we keep to ourselves (and in occasions even isolate from ourselves). We build a wall around it, and hide it along with our old emotional baggage and pain from our past. And we’re too scared of letting anything in, especially real, genuine, authentic love. And what’s curious is that we’re also terrified of what we might find if we tear the wall down - we’re afraid of feeling the old pain.

This makes it much easier to think about stuff, rather than to feel it - there’s less at stake.

I want you to read this and answer this question with all honesty: what do you feel when you think of living a wholehearted life, and keeping your heart open to experience every bit of life: allowing people, situations, pain and joy to come in with all their intensity?

Scared?? Not surprising. That is completely normal. After all, the idea of showing up in the world without an armour feels dangerous -- terrifying. And it’s only natural to guard what’s most precious to us.

We also have a deep association of HEART = PAIN and HEARTBREAK. And in a way this is true. The heart contains information from past experiences, where we did indeed feel pain. Many of those memories come from when we were very young, and not knowing how to deal with it, we chose to disconnect from it instead.

The thing is, when we close our heart, we also cut off our oxygen, our life force, our lust for life, our mojo! If you close your heart, yes you won’t feel pain as often, but you also won’t feel bliss, joy and unconditional love.

And I’ll reveal something true right now: when you spend time with your heart, magic happens. If you close your eyes, you know it’s true. And every part of your being yearns for it.

So go on, be brave. Be open to getting to the heart of it!

Watch this space, i'll be back with a whole lot more tomorrow.....!!!!