I’m fresh off the plane after 5 days in Ibiza, the island of hedonism and 24 hour party people.

Did I party? Yes I did. And I realised how much I miss it. There’s nothing better than dancing ’til dawn to incredible music, rocking out and having tonnes of fun. With my raving days behind me, I wondered if i’d still hack the pace. Would I be able to party hard, and hold my own alongside the hardcore clubbers in one of Ibiza’s finest venues?

Hell yeah! I stayed out until 6.30am, until I dragged myself home just-in-time for sunrise. Woohoo. I’ve still got it!

As you’d imagine, I’m now craving sleep. As someone who worries about sleep (and getting enough) I didn’t get much at all. There was too much stimulation and my mind was super active. Did it matter? Hell no.

What I realised was, if you have the right peeps around you – friends who energise and lift you up, it doesn’t matter how much sleep you have. What’s important is you live in the moment and enjoy every second of the experience you’re having, especially when you’re holidaying with amazing friends.

As people, we grow through our connections and interactions with others and socialising and having fun is as important as getting good sleep. And sometimes you can’t do both, and that is A ok.

Now i’m home, I’m switching focus to sleep and restoration. And i’m buzzing about the last few days in Ibiza, and what a great experience I had.

This leads nicely onto this month’s FREE meditation to help you wind down and get a proper night’s sleep. I’m sure I recorded this knowing I’d need it! So download, find a quiet space before bed and enjoy.