Your body talks

Body. Mind. Soul. I’m good at the mind part, great at the soul part, when it comes to the body...I struggle.

I’ve always had an interesting relationship with my body. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate it (although I’m sure I once did) it’s more that I feel resistance towards it. I focused on my body and listened carefully to my thoughts, I'd be secretly telling myself my thighs are wobbly, my boob is wonky, my toes are too long, know how it is!

Can you relate? If you listened carefully, what are you saying to your body?

I should be good with this now (I tell myself) I'm good with the eating part, but the exercise and maintenance part? I suck. Is my body a temple? Nope.

I avoid exercise like the plague. And I’ve always wanted to get to the bottom of why.

So I thought I’d ask my body to write to me, so I could check in on my progress (like the Vagina monologues!)….here we go, oh and the body communicates through pain and niggles by the way, so I’ve interpreted it:


Dear Jody,

I am heavy and human, at times you want to be free yet you believe you can’t with me. I tighten and groan, resist you and you push me on, without allowing me to rest. I am much stronger than you realise, and have always been this way. You don’t allow me to be free. Yes I’m full of pain, and history, but we’re together in this life, so be with me. Stay with me. Don’t be afraid of all that I am. We can extend together, grow together and open up. We’re in this together you and I. So come and join me. Be with me, and I’ll support you to make the most of this life. When I grumble, you hear me, so don’t ignore me. Listen and I’ll tell you. Support me and I’ll support you.


Wow. Isn't that powerful? It's my body talking, and it's got lots to share. What if you allowed your body to speak to you? And by listening, you'd understand so much more?

What does your body want you to know?

Why don’t you write a “Dear you" letter, and allow your body to speak? It may be you’re pushing your body too hard, or you’re not listening, or paying attention.

Do you avoid working out like me? There’s a good reason. Why not find out?

Let me know your progress, I'd be really interested and I'll be creating something to support you all with this very soon. If I believe you want support with this.

Read more about 'Body Talks' in my new book LifeTonic + see me at Lululemon Sweatlife talking about the Body.